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Whether you are living in an RV park or traveling with other RVers, there are certain “rules” of etiquette that should be recognized and followed. For example, in an RV park, you are physically closer to your next neighbor than you would be in a house—sometimes really close on both sides! While apartment living  puts you really close to your neighbor, one difference is that you typically cannot see into the next apartment. However, it is very common to be able to see into the RV parked next to yours. Knowing this, your day-to-day actions must be somewhat different, i.e., don’t vacuum in the nude with the curtains open!

Traveling with friends or just two or three RVs traveling together poses still another set of potential problems. Just pulling into a restaurant for lunch may block the total parking lot! There are several “rules” or actions that you must agree on to make your lives easier. What follows here are some of those “rules” that will make your RV experience more pleasant, less stressful, and still have the presence of friends when you need/want them.


Campground Etiquette

RVing in Small Groups

Campground Laundry Etiquette