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So, you are going to live in an RV fulltime or do some extended travel for several months each year. You’ll want to be safe, of course.

Many RVers are at home in their RVs. Here is an unusual thought… “You are at home in your RV, but your RV is never home.” Therefore, it’s easy to become complacent about your surroundings because, mostly, you are inside, at home—in your comfort zone—sitting in your favorite (and maybe only) chair, watching your TV, and sleeping in your bed every night—so you must be at home! And yet, at this same time your RV could be parked in a potentially unsafe or even dangerous location—not on purpose of course—but how would you know.

Safe RVing relies much on your common sense. You are not living in a fortress nor do you have the protection of a military tank. So, keep your RV out of unsafe areas. Common sense comes into play when you just think they may be unsafe—even if you don’t know for sure.

I’ve asked Wal-Mart and other store-owners about the local safe conditions when calling for permission to park overnight. I have been told (although rare) that I might be more comfortable at someplace farther down the highway. I can accept that and appreciate their candor. I have called the local police and asked. I have stopped local police and asked. Plus, I have called the state police (using their non-emergency phone number) and asked them about potential problems in certain places and about rest areas. They will tell you. I believe you can believe them.

Be safe.


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