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This topic is about money—lots of it in many cases. Buying an RV is likely the second most expensive personal purchase you will make in a lifetime. A house is the most expensive and for non-RVers, a car is usually second. But an RV is more expensive than a car except in rare instances. On the other hand, an RV can be more expensive than a house, too!

Buying an RV requires lots of things… initially finding the RV, the various Classes or Types of units, deciding whether you drive it or tow it, how many slides, making the decision, financing it (or paying cash), getting insurance (two kinds), extended warranties, and then the basic stuff you have to have to operate the RV. If you currently own an RV (or sold one recently), you may know some of this information. So, primarily, this is for the wannabies (those people who really want an RV) and the newbies (those people that just purchased one in the last year or two or three).

For you experienced RVers, I recommend you at least take a look at the article entitled, “Looking at an RV.” You likely will be surprised at some of the information. This is especially true if you plan to move from a model with no slides or maybe one or two slides to a larger unit that may have quad (four) slides. There are things you need to know and look at before you make this leap. Trust me here, I’m trying to help.

Remember, I don’t sell RVs and I’m not associated with any company that does.


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