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We only have seven products—books we wrote—and they are excellent sources of information to all RVers. You will learn to save money, make RVing easier, convenient, efficient, safe, and fun. We do not promote RV rumors, myths, or fairy tales nor sell gadgets. Our information is thoroughly researched, tested, and verified—you can trust it.

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Becoming a Fulltime RVer—A New Lifestyle

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Ron Jones

My second Fulltiming book contains new information that is both helpful and important with starting and maintaining a fulltime lifestyle. There are many, many reasons for doing this (financial, physical, educational, and emotional) but only a few for not fulltime RVing. The majority of those are emotional. You will learn…

  • What type of fulltimer you are
  • Why you would live like this
  • How do you live in an RV
  • How do you deal with traveling all the time
  • Where can you go in an RV
  • Where can you stay in an RV
  • Do you ever see friends or family
  • The cost of living in an RV
  • What to do in emergencies 
  • Living “Green” when do you stop. 

Plus, there are many other topics specifically focusing on making your transition easier, your life better, and without spending extra money.

Released November 2014, "Becoming a Fulltime RVer—A New Lifestyle" focuses on the "why" of fulltiming. Ron Jones is a prolific writer, has written features for all the major RV magazines, the Good Sam website, various RV newsletters, and has published six RV books.  


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The Best RV Trips in North America

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Ron Jones

A comprehensive overview and recommended destinations for traveling by RV in the USA and Canada, why these trips and destinations are best done by RV, time constraints, recommendations, mileages, and even combining trips. There are 14 distinct trips recommended—some are well known destinations and others that are somewhat uncommon. Ron Jones is a prolific writer, has written features for all the major RV magazines, the Good Sam website, various RV newsletters, and has published six RV books.

Released November 2013, "The Best RV Trips in North America" is the only book focusing on perfect destinations and trips for RVers.  

New Price: $4.95


RVing to Newfoundland Cover

RVing to Newfoundland

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Ron Jones

"RVing to Newfoundland" is about one of the few places for RVers to go that isn’t conveniently done in a car, takes an extended length of time to see, and traveling by RV is the perfect method for getting to and visiting there. The easternmost Canadian province of Newfoundland is remote, not easily accessed, and is the perfect RV trip.

You will learn about…

  • driving, highways, routes, ferries, schedules, cod, Vikings, moose, 9/11, icebergs,
  • Labrador, moose soup, scrunchions, cod tongues, 30-minute time zones, washrooms, tipping,
  • fuel, costs, campgrounds, boondocking, "gravel-pit camping,"
  • some of the nicest people on the planet!

RVing to Newfoundland is different than any other trip. Ron Jones provides lots of “how to” information about planning for and taking this great RV trip. Alone or with a group, you can do this. (©2012) Regular Price: $27.95. Website Special: $24.95 plus s/h



RVing to Alaska, 2nd Edition

Book Is IN Stock and Shipping

Ron Jones

This major revision contains information about taking a big RV on the Alaskan ferry system plus visiting some of the ports not accessible by road.

"RVing to Alaska" is the only book focusing on how you can make the trip to Alaska on your own by RV with just a smidgen of travel guide tossed in. This book is not about going with a caravan. You can do this on your own.

Going to Alaska by RV is different than any other trip. Since you will drive, there is specific RV-related information relevant to both Canada and Alaska. This is information that, unless you have taken an RV to Alaska previously, will likely be new and different.

The majority of information in "RVing to Alaska, 2nd Edition" is about the differences between RVing in the Lower 48, Northern Canada, and Alaska. These geographic areas have different laws, traditions, and each is unique. You will learn about driving over frost heaves, road conditions, routes, emergency road service, where to go, visitor centers, pets, wildfires, border crossings, packing extra stuff, campgrounds, loonies and toonies, boondocking sites, wildlife, ferries, historic mile markers, and moose droppings to name a few.

This may be the only current book devoted to how to plan and make the trip to Alaska by RV. Check the articles at aboutrving for additional information about driving through Canada. There numerous old books written by one-time travelers, plus campground books, and a bunch of travelogue-type books and videos on how great Alaska looks. Some are pretty good and some a waste of money.

A few trips are perfect for RVs. All other modes of travel will have certain limitations. Alaska is a long trip but a great one. I believe it is the best destination for RVers. Try it.

We did it twice. It was great! You can, too. It was wonderful. Can't wait to go back.

Just released in 2013, "RVing to Alaska, 2nd Edition" is the only book focusing on “how” to make this great trip. (©2013)  Regular Price: $27.95. Website Special: $24.95 plus s/h


COVER_Fulltiming_Website_2ndEd.jpgFulltiming for New and Used RVers, 2nd Edition

OUT OF STOCK—Available SOON as an eBook Only!!!

Ron Jones

The newest and most comprehensive book on Fulltiming has been updated after only two years. The 2nd Edition offers more solid suggestions to make your transition smooth and easy. Whether you finally sold the house and really fulltime or are planning that extended trip, "Fulltiming for New and Used RVers" has everything you need to know. You will learn valuable information, tips, and tricks—enough to justify the price of this book many times over. Written by a veteran RVer, it begins with advice for everyone thinking about or starting fulltiming. Ron Jones presents the pros and cons of traveling in a motorhome, fifth wheel, or other towable, and includes...

Thinking About Fulltiming

Who Are Fulltimers
Why Fulltime
No RV Experience to Fulltime
Help Me With this Decision

How Much Will It Cost

Can We Afford To Do This
Calculating Fulltiming Costs
RV Purchase
Associated Expenses
RV Parks or Campgrounds

Make the Decision

What’s Next
What Do We Do With Our Stuff

How Do We…

Stay In Touch
Handle Finances
Protect Ourselves
Deal With An Emergency
Know What to Take With Us

What Else Do We Need To Know...

Where is Home Base
Where Can We Go
How Can We Get There
RV Etiquette
RV Events

This is one well-organized, valuable, easy- to-read book. All websites, phone numbers, and locations were updated and reverified for the 2nd Edition. (©2011)  Regular Price: $27.95. Website Special: $24.95 plus s/h



Cover_Stuff_Book_Website_2ndEd.jpgAll the Stuff You Need to Know about RVing, 2nd Edition

Book Is IN Stock and Shipping

Ron Jones and Rob Lowe

More Good Stuff! Just updated! The 2nd Edition has several hundred ideas, hints, and suggestions for using your RV more efficiently—driving, packing, dumping, living, maintaining, boondocking, accessories, and tons of general information. A must have for new RVers. For experienced RVers, a real wealth of new information. There no cost to incorporate most of the tips and no gadgets to buy.

This is absolutely, without question, the best "How to RV" that is available to RVers! It’s current, well written, to the point, easy to read and understand, full of photos. Hey, "You don't know what you don't know!"

All the basics of RVing are covered including…

  • how to drive an RV
  • how to pack for a trip
  • how to live efficiently and comfortably in an RV
  • how to hook up
  • how to unhook
  • how to live in an RV with only onboard power
  • how to dump
  • how to maintain a rig
  • how to operate all the systems.
  • how to boondock (dry camping)

Most of the content applies to all RVs but there is specific information about different types of rigs. Motorhomers will appreciate the advice about towing a car behind their rig including information about tow dollies. 5th wheel and trailer owners will appreciate the tips and tricks about towing a rig and supplemental braking systems. Also covered…

  • how to winterize an RV
  • where to park or store it
  • tips about maintenance
  • how to hookup in a campsite
  • solar options
  • power and energy conservation
  • even advice about crossing international borders.

There is more valuable information in this book than we have ever seen in one place before. Every new RVer should read this and veterans will learn a lot. (©2011)  Regular Price: $27.95. Website Special: $24.95 plus s/h

Available in Canada—call 877-266-5398


COVER_Laundry_2nd_Website_2.jpgWrinkle-Free RV Laundry, 2nd Edition

Book Is IN Stock and Shipping

Sandy Jones

The 2nd Edition of "Wrinkle-Free RV Laundry" is here! Just released late Summer 2010, we nearly doubled the content, updated everything, and kept the same low price.

You will learn how Sandy washes six pairs denim jeans, or four king-size sheets, or ten polo-type shirts in one load using her combination washer/dryer in our motorhome. They come out wrinkle-free!  You, too, can learn how to wash family-sized loads. 

The information in "Wrinkle-Free RV Laundry" was a result of hundreds—maybe thousands—of women asking for help in preventing wrinkles resulting from the use of “combo” washer/dryer units commonly found in RVs.

After experimenting over two years with her combo washer/dryer, she developed a seminar entitled, "Wrinkle-Free RV Laundry." According to Sandy, "We both dislike wrinkled clothing. The RV lifestyle is not the ideal environment for ironing. So, somehow, I had to make the wrinkles go away."

The book includes specific instructions for a Splendide Model 2000S and Model 2100—both commonly found in RVs, easy to use, and produce excellent results if you know how to use them. Learn to use this appliance and adapt your laundry method to achieve excellent results. It is different than your washer and dryer at home or in those laundromats. The good news… it’s easy to do.

Finally, there are no gadgets, miracle products, or magic soaps involved in getting wrinkle-free laundry from your combo washer/dryer. It’s all in the “how." ”Wrinkle-Free RV Laundry" walks you step-by-step through the how and why.  (©2010)  New Price: $9.95 plus s/h



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